I’ve done this little film based upon the poem by french surrealist poet Paul Éluard “La Terre est bleue comme une orange”, from his collection of poems “L’Amour la poésie” published in 1929.

I’ve tried to interpret Éluard’s words along a colorimetry scientific trial. So blue is in fact the natural negative color for orange.

From this basic idea, I developed the piece using purely analog methods where colors have an important and genuine narrative process. I shot it on my Leica Leicina Special, with Super8 Kodak Vision3 films and an old Hi8 Sony Handycam. With this last one, I have filtered the images in an old Sony Triniton CRT monitor, through a customized hardware distortion build upon circuit bending. I’ve also used a rare 35mm still camera called Nimslo 3D for stereoscopic sequences.