We are taken on a Journey of Nessa, living her trailer park life when things take a turn.. Nessa meets someone who seems to be the perfect man. They are in love and having the time of their life, living what seems to be a dream when we are struck by reality, this perfect man actually has a dark past and eventually life catches up to him.

Director’s Vision for ‘American Jesus’

I’ve always been drawn to love stories and the drama that inherently surrounds these interpersonal relationships. In this particular story, I wanted to visually explore the ways love can show us how dreamy life can be. However, fantasy and reality are often merely separated by a thin veil, threatening to merge at any moment.

This was shot on 35mm film to bring a strong sense of authenticity and rawness to the images; the richness and texture lends itself wonderfully to the gritty love story portrayed on screen.