When a controversial pill that promises eternal life (with a 50% chance of sudden death) appears on the market, a young couple must decide if they’re going to risk their lives to chase after immortality or accept growing old together.

Director’s Vision

What would you risk for a chance at immortality? Would you risk death? There’s a certain irony to the premise that I love — a pill that promises immortality with a 50% chance of death. It creates an interesting situation where those who fear death the most are the ones who must make the CHOICE to face it head-on.

For me, choice is the mirror that reveals who we really are; not just who we think we are.

A few years ago, I watched first hand as someone close to me battled a terminal illness. They went from treatment to treatment with limited success until they were faced with an impossible choice… do something radical that may buy them some time, but drastically reduce their quality of life OR do nothing and let the illness reach its natural conclusion; death.

It’s an understatement to say it was a deeply emotional experience for me. I was in the room with them when they received the news. I was in the room with them when they made their choice. If I’m being honest, it rocked me to my core. Ultimately, their choice in that moment revealed more of who they really were than a lifetime spent together.

My experience, sad though it may be, did bring with it a small moment of clarity. What’s more human than choice? We are faced with them every day… some big and some small, but all revealing a sliver of who we really are.

AMBROSIA is born out of a desire to examine that idea in some small way. At its core, it’s a story that strives to explore the emotional journey of making an impossible choice. The kind of choice that will forever change our character’s life. The kind of choice that forces them to face who they really are on the inside.