In an apartment at the Copan Building, in São Paulo, Jesuíta Barbosa embarks on a poetic journey of discoveries and desires in a space and time scrambled by architecture and light.

The character sets out on a journey of connection, exploring his body in a solitary dance at Niemeyer’s building.

Director Vision

At the beginning of the year I developed a photographic series in which architecture was the theme; the architecture of the human body related to the architecture of Copan, famous Niemeyer building in downtown São Paulo, where I live.

After the photographic series was born, I still felt the need to go deeper, many sensations needed another space and the way I could give vent was to make a film, move this character.

A lot of people are expressing themselves about anguish and loneliness now, but we have been “isolated” in a way for a long time. This character’s curve and his latent issues fit in this pandemic context, but in fact this “moment” only touched on all these feelings that we didn’t want to look at, but have always been here.

It is a film about reconnecting with your desires, the character stops being a spectator to become an active agent of his narrative. After confronted with his condition, he starts to break these links and this changes his perceptions leading to the beginning of a journey of metamorphosis.