The country’s most problematic group therapy session.

Director’s Statement

Addicted to Blackface was really fun to make but also a somewhat scary piece to direct. We started out with a great script from Randall which gave me a lot of direction on how to handle this subject but we were always treading in dangerous /murky waters. It was a running joke on set, with Matthew Broussard who played Jonathon, that this video could potentially end his career.

So my main focus was to make sure that didn’t happen. We never wanted the audience to empathize with Jonathon in any way. We wanted the audience to feel like he is an idiot – which goes back to the main idea of this script which is why does it seem that these people cannot stop doing blackface? It’s idiotic, almost like they’re addicted.

This focus had me pointing actors towards the over the top melodramatic acting that you see in the video. I wanted to push the absurdity of the whole thing. Luckily they all tackled that incredibly well and we came out with some great performances from some very talented actors/comedians.