Snack-addicted bedroom-musician Lewis Bewlis is visited by a mysterious stranger, tasked with turning his life around.

Directors Statement

With Dumbboat, we decided to just cut loose and make a very small, low-key and entirely stupid film with just the (few) elements we had available to us. Luckily, those elements included two great actors, who we knew could make the film more than the sum of its parts. We really did try to stuff the film as full of ludicrous elements as possible: an MJ parody, a kid with a briefcase tormenting an adult in a dressing gown, a score played almost entirely using snacks, a series of self-improvement exercises completely improvised by our actors. All of these things seem a blast until you realise that to see them through properly, you have to take everything really seriously. As a footnote, we are currently developing a road-movie feature film with Bradley and Mia as the leads. It will include fewer musical parodies and fewer snacks.