This short film about how technology has changed the way we communicate features a couple have dinner at an elegant restaurant who cannot complete a conversation due to their constantly ringing cell phones.

Director’s Statement

“Acoustic Space” grew out of my love-hate relationship with technology. I love the fact that we have the ability to be connected all the time, yet I frequently find myself wondering what it is doing to us in terms of attention. As depicted in the film, we might be in the middle of a face-to-face conversation but when the phone buzzes or rings, even if we decide not to answer (and that is very rare), our attention has already been compromised. So, ultimately, “Acoustic Space” is a satire on the way we live today. You can’t go into a restaurant without seeing at least half the people scrolling or texting or basically ignoring who they’re supposed to be out with. Maybe it’s a cautionary tale, a reminder to ask ourselves what’s more important? What’s going on here or what’s going on there?