A sci-fi comedy short film about a monotonous young couple, Barney and Beth, who are inspired by sci-fi b-movies to fake an alien abduction to spice up their relationship. They hire a local filmmaker and landscaper, Cletus, to create the most “realistic” UFO sighting video to help prove their elaborate hoax.

Director’s Vision

I directed this film “Abduction Production” because of my love for b-move science-fiction films and films in general. This film went through its trials and tribulations with most of the footage being corrupted from the first shoot which resulted in massive reshoots. The film turned out better because of it because it let us take time on those smaller scenes that you neglect to give enough time on your first go around. The amazing work from the crew and the passion and excitement of our supporters is the reason we were able to create something truly special. If you enjoy classic sci-fi b-movies or the filmmaking process in general I think you’ll enjoy this!