‘Tis the season for Katie and Sarah to reconnect for an awkward Christmas reunion.

Director’s Vision

With over 19+ million views, for the holidays season, we wanted to create a 3rd Girl Night Stand for the fans of the first 2. And as a team, we wanted to try a one-er, a single take in which the audience was on the ride along with the entire filmmaking team. ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer. It’s been a tough few years for many. Like countless others, I’ve personally lost people in my life who I loved dearly, I’ll remember with fond memories, and I’m grateful to have ever known. While giving and receiving this holiday season, remember how precious the gift of life is, and how precious a gift it is to walk this path with laughter and love with those who make up your personal story. Our time on this planet is limited. With “A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas,” we wanted to create a little something that was a reminder to go share your love this holiday season. Any time I’ve held back from saying “I love you,” I’ve regretted it. Regret less, share more. Sometimes it’s a challenge to put yourself out on the limb of vulnerability. But go sing your song. Go tell the person you love, you love them; friends, family, lovers, and animal companions. Give the gifts of gratitude, joy, and love. The greatest presents are our presence with one another. Happy holidays. Much love, Jenna