We’re All Made of Stars presents “A Girl with a Tale”, a Video Portrait on American professional surfer and model Alana Blanchard in a new amusing spin of the famous Andersen’s story: The Little Mermaid. IG alanarblanchard

Hi there! I am a pro surfer and a model from Kauai. They used to call me mermaid since I was little. I grew up splashing around in Queen’s bath, Kauai all day with my friends, pretending to be a horse in the green field and I developed my own special relationship with the waves watching the ocean in silence for hours. The ocean is my life. The ocean is everybody’s life. We all come from there, we’re made for the 60% of ocean water, we’re ocean containers. If you want, we’re just a way the ocean found to walk around on land. Our blood, our tears, our cells, our brains, our memories are made of ocean.

And when I come back to it, I feel that purity you only feel in the arms of your mother. One day we’ll all become ocean again, but in the meantime, surfing is the closest thing I know to “be the ocean. Surfing is the art of peace. Because the ocean is the most powerful thing, it shapes the Earth, it shatters columns, turns mountains into the sand, makes clouds, rain, plants, animals. If you fight it, it always wins. And to surf it is to surrender to it, every surfer knows that to ride a wave is like to make love to the ocean, become a fluid and blend with it.

See you in the water!