A nearly completed stylistic, sci-fi / dark comedy that needs your help to be seen.

Stop/Eject/Rewind is a highly stylized, science-fiction/dark comedy Written/directed by Elliott de Neve. This short film takes place when an off-kilter young man constructs a time machine to impress his female coworker with the intention of taking her to the future.

Our goal for this film is to be successful in film festivals. Nearly all aspects of the film have been completed! However, we need to finalize it with the score, and we also need the sound to be mixed and mastered. This requires outside help, and luckily we are working with an amazing score writer, Katy Jarzebowski, and Studio Unkown to make sure that the sound in the short film is the best it can be. This film has a wonderful cast including Chloë Sanders and Ryker Roberts as well as amazing locations including the Imperial Sand Dunes, Oscar Winslow’s architectural firm and a wonderfully designed break room set.

As the producer of this short film, this campaign is extremely important to me. Not only are we making a fantastic film for you to watch, but we are also hoping to use this film to help launch our careers.