Pseudo Man

What if your Facebook profile came to life? Would it be an accurate depiction of you, or someone else entirely? Enter Pseudo Man…

Mark Anderson, a self-absorbed hermit, spends all of his time browsing Echo (a social network). His friends all post beautiful pictures of themselves, constantly reminding Mark of his inferiority to them.

Meanwhile, the otherworldly employees of Echo are creating replicants of users based on their profile information and sending them out to “replace” them.

Mark lives alone. He is unemployed and collects disability insurance for carpal tunnel. Having no need to venture outside, Mark has become quite comfortable living in the world of his home. Everything he needs is brought to him, all by the click of a button (via internet delivery services). Mark suffers from internet addiction – social media in particular. His addiction can best be described as the “repetitive use of pleasurable activities to cope with unmanageable internal conflict, pressure, and stress.” Mark is using his social network status as a means of coping with deeper, self-image issues. His life is plagued by the question, “Who am I, if anyone at all?” He feels inadequate in comparison to his friends, and often doubts his own being.