An ambitious artist struggles to bury her envy when her idle girlfriend enchants the art world with an accidental masterpiece.

A drunken paint fight between two lovers introduces Jude, a passionate artist who’s angered her girlfriend Taz (this week an actress) by altering Taz’s impromptu face painting. The pair awake to meet Rufus Temple (Jude’s gallerist) who has come to decide which of Jude’s pieces to use in his forthcoming exhibition. He hates all of them but loves Taz’s face paint and offers her a space in the show. Jude’s envy grows leading to a climactic paint fight during Taz’s gallery performance. The audience watch awestruck & confused as the pair unknowingly becomes the art.

Pineapple is a contemporary story set in London against the backdrop of the East London Art Scene. It is film about the effects of social media fuelled rapid success, and how this can derail a strong relationship. It is also a film that explores the universal theme of envy and how explosive it can become if left to brew.