Pillow Talk

Set in the early 90’s, Pillow Talk is a live action short film about the friendship between childhood best friends Cara and Lucy, growing up and growing apart.

It takes place during a sleepover at Cara’s house. Over the course of the night Lucy instigates an increasingly not so subtle trap to get the truth out of Cara. She suspects that Cara has feelings for girls rather than boys and she is determined to get the truth out of her, even at the risk of damaging their friendship. As the night draws on cracks start to appear in their friendship that was once so tight. And the night has surprising consequences for both of them.

Although Pillow Talk has already been shot (10 Sep) we absolutely need to reach our goal to cover our production costs and more importantly post-production costs. We need to raise enough money so that we can finish the film and truly do the story and the hard work of the shoot crew justice.

We have a whole array of perks on the right including of course a preview link to see the film before anybody else! Postcards, stickers and credits and lets not forget that warm fuzzy feeling inside of knowing you are supporting UK indie filmmaking!