Seven Minutes in Heaven

5 strangers, one night, and a dead body – you! While immersed in a 360° experience, can you solve the mystery of your own murder?

A 360° Virtual Reality Experience – The ability to put you in the movie.

Clue – That movie where the audience solves the mystery.

Together – a brilliant combination.

We were also inspired by the party game One Night Ultimate Werewolf (a Kickstarted game, natch) and video game LA Noire, both of which force players to quickly evaluate who in the group is lying. Using the basic gameplay strategies for One Night, we wrote a screenplay that puts each character in doubt. As the audience watches their argument unfold from the perspective of the corpse, it’s up to them to figure out who committed the murder.

Is it the person acting the most agitated? Someone hanging back and soaking it all in? Or the person with ‘nothing to hide’ at all. “Seven Minutes in Heaven” capitalizes on the freedom of VR to determine where you want to look and who you want to pay attention to. We simply wanted to take that experience to its logical conclusion.