Orwin Award

Orwin Award is a dark comedy with a little bit of experimental humor. What it’s about? Oh, it’s a story of the boy Andrew, our main character, who is trying to get the Darwin Award to impress the girl of his dreams – Dasha.

A film “The Orwin Award” is a dark comedy with offbeat humor, which was written and will be filmed (at least we hope) by me, Maksym Marchenko. Two friends, Andrew and Alex, are trying to get the Darwin Award to impress the girl they have fallen in love with. For this purpose, they come up with the most stupid ways to die, but everything goes wrong eventually. (You are right, they do it INTENTIONALLY, isn’t that funny? hey, you should already be laughing!)

If you still aren’t laughing, here what the comedy is about: an authentic original script; hilarious deaths; killing jokes; a big dead woman; shotgun shots (4 of them actually); the main character not talking throughout almost the whole film; acute and deep symbolism (basically, no one will understand nothing); a wonderful actress playing Dasha, with whom everyone is falling in love (we promise she’ll have a very low neckline); and, of course, a surprise ending.