One in Five

A short film about postnatal depression

One in Five is a 12 minute drama about an unlikely bond between two mothers, forged in the darkness of an episode of postnatal depression, from an award winning female team.

1 in 5 women experience a mental health condition during pregnancy, or in the year after giving birth and it doesn’t discriminate, affecting women from all walks of life. Postnatal depression seems to play a particularly cruel game: women suffering often feel a huge burden of shame, and almost half of all cases go undetected, with suicide being the biggest preventable killer of new mothers.

Cinema has the power to entertain but also to engage and inspire people. By showing a character actively struggling with postnatal depression we humanise the statistics, and while it is a fictional piece of cinema it is also an awareness-raising project based on personal accounts, in-depth research and our work with mental health charities.