Just A Slice

A web-series where a group of people get together, and venture back to their childhood years.

Just A Slice is an impromptu web-series (8 episodes, 30-45 minutes), about a group of people getting together to do something they used to do as a kid, for fun.

I think about my childhood a lot. From cartoon shows, to elementary school field trips, to pizza parties, to game nights, to Halloween, etc.

I’ve always wanted to create a project that allowed me to not only venture back into my childhood, but venture into other people’s childhood as well.

I’ve never been so passionate about a project before. With recent events in the US, I felt a strong urge to make this web-series happen. I cannot do it without your generous support.

There’s this thought, in the world, that in order to accomplish one’s calling, purpose or goals, they need to abandon the child-like qualities inside of them. Which is not true.

If anything, your child-like characteristics allow you to accomplish your calling, your purpose or your goals.

“Imagine if all adults brought a child-like energy to their workplaces, their organizations, and the pursuit of their own goals? We would definitely see a sharp increase in productivity and innovation.”

(Ayodeji Awosika, 2015). From his article: “7 Childlike Traits We Should Recapture To Live A Happier Life”.