This graphic novel is the precursor to the movie.

“Invasion Nano Sapiens” tells the story of a young, maverick scientist, Fulton Bengis, who creates experimental blood with living nano robotic red and white blood cells and platelets that can improve body functions and kill disease. But when his love, Alison Wintergreen, injects the blood without his knowledge to eradicate her terminal disease, she becomes the hive for a swarm of super-intelligent nanobots that turn her into a deadly being – Nano Sapiens. Fulton risks everything as he tries to save her life.

“The Fly” meets the Borg from “Star Trek.”

“Invasion Nano Sapiens” is based on real nano robotic experiments going on now around the world and is the embryonic journey of what could come in medicine to kill cancer and other diseases – unless something goes horribly wrong… It depicts a new threat to human existence not seen anywhere else – and could happen.

Director’s Statement

Invasion Nano Sapiens the graphic novel is an original science fiction/horror story set in present day that originates as a screenplay. It comes from writer/Director-DGA/artist, Corky Arnold’s research of real nanotech experiments in medicine going on right now at the embryonic stage around the world by nanoscientists and a ton of his own added creativity to make it the kind of entertaining story a worldwide audience would like to read in a graphic novel or view as a movie.

Invasion Nano Sapiens is a wild story that’s sexy, funny, scary, action packed and horrific. The horror comes from science gone wrong but it also comes from the pain the main character feels seeing his loved one turn into something he can’t save from a dangerous situation.

The success or failure of this conflict is at the core of Invasion Nano Sapiens. Would you risk your life to save a loved one? Fulton Bengis, a maverick scientist does when his sick girlfriend, Doctor Alison Wintergreen tests his nanorobotic blood without his knowledge to cure her disease and dies, only to be strangely resurrected/rebuilt by nanorobots into a new futuristic being that turns deadly and must ultimately be stopped by Fulton, while he fends off government people trying to steal his secrets and weaponize them. Lots of conflict here as Alison doesn’t remember Fulton and turns into what seems like a human after death, controlled by a swarm of nanoscale monsters never seen before on the movie screen or on the page who threaten the existence of humanity.

Producing the Invasion Nano Sapiens graphic novel will create a huge worldwide audience following that will lead the charge to its popularity and the production of a movie. It’s the kind of entertaining story an audience yearns for and portends the future of medicine that is real and will impact all of us – if we’re not careful. Is there a human among us that isn’t fearful of getting a disease we can’t get rid of? Or even worse the cure being worse than the disease…
This is Invasion Nano Sapiens.