Dance – Finishing Funds

A secondary campaign to finish a silent film for the digital age that explores modern courtship.

A year ago, DANCE began with a concept — can we make a SILENT FILM for the digital age? It also began with a series of questions that form the theme of the piece — in a world where courtship happens on our phones and first impressions are formed through texts and photos, are we losing something by no longer meeting face to face. And is this distorting our own quests to find love?

We ran a successful campaign on Indiegogo, raising over $17,000.

We were overwhelmed by the response to our initial campaign. We received donations from not only California and Virginia, but all across the world. And we were humbled. These funds, along with our off-line, knocking on doors-style campaign, provided us with the vast majority of the budget required…

Production wrapped last December, at which point we began a long post-production process — much of it done by our director John-Michael himself. This included editing the entire film, and designing and implementing the “motion graphics” effects for each scene.

And now that the film is real, we need your help to get us across the finish line and unlock the film’s full potential. We are asking for additional funds needed to complete the post-production process, including SCORE COMPOSITION, SOUND DESIGN, COLOR CORRECTION, ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and FILM FESTIVAL APPLICATION FEES.