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Coffee Chains

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Coffee Chains is a 10m Drama which is both motivational and comedic. Starring Megan Tremethick and Rory Wilton (Poldark, Doc Martin).

Becky endures another mundane shift at the Coffee Shop until a series of customers force her to contemplate ditching the job forever. The film attempts to address the feelings of alienation felt by minimum wage workers in coffee shops. Customer service is one of many minimum wage jobs that require constant face to face interaction. For an alienated and disengaged employee, confrontations such as these after a long period can become repetitive, boring, and analytical.

Awards which are presented to young filmmakers are enormously beneficial to the exposure of everybody involved with the project. Funds are now being raised to enter the film into a selected number of festivals. This would not be possible without your support. If you back our project, we promise to return the favour with a variety of rewards.

We would like funding for festival distribution because we want to win awards, which would help our chances with successful feature-length film funding from various sources.

We are a passionate, ambitious crew who want to succeed and continue to grow in the future. We see ourselves as filmmakers and practitioners attempting to break into the industry and into the light – we want to make films which encompass emotions of pure rage, fire, passion and determination to succeed.

This is why we want to submit to this many festivals, make this many films, and continue to make films. This is a career, a life, a pledge to film and a jump into the void. Please help us.

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