The Whisper and the Night | Daily Short Pick

The Whisper and The Night

During the day, Helen has a boring job in a boring place. But at night, she walks; and by walking, she lives.

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Coste Contemplation

Just a sweetly shot short about a father motorcyclist.

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The Last Taxi Driver | Short Film Trailer

The Last Taxi Driver

Dorman O’Merain is pissed. He refuses to give up his taxi route when most of the inhabitants left in post-apocalyptic America are zombies. But sometimes the remaining humans are less predictable than the zombies. Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods) is The Last Taxi Driver. Also starring Deborah Twiss, Emily Jackson and[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Sense of Mind

Sense of Mind

A young woman reflects on wasted imagination. Sense of mind is a visual poem made in collaboration with female solo singer CHI.

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Shear The Sheep

One woman’s crusade to rid the world of beards worn by unworthy men. Tsoey Miles has taken it upon herself to challenge unsuspecting bearded men, testing their worthiness of wearing a beard in hopes of returning the beard to real, outdoor loving, tire changing, labor working, men.

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My Father’s Shadow

Hank is just like his father, he has his same pain and addictions.

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Junkie Heaven | Short Film Trailer

Junkie Heaven

Doyle Burkett (Joseph A. Halsey) is an Iraqi war vet who is suffering from PTSD and he also happens to be a junkie willing to do anything to get his fix. After he wakes from a night of using, Doyle is greeted by Alexander (Sal Rendino), a spiritual being who[…]

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Dear Lucas

A man meets the love of his life, a fan of the television series he co-hosted with his scientist father as a child – only to receive an ominous message from his future self. It’s dreamy, but jam packed with twists and turns. We jump back and forth between space[…]

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Fright Night | Alexia


When Franco decides to delete his deceased ex-girlfriend from Facebook to move on, something strange starts to manifest through his computer. Social media films are becoming a genre of their own these days, and suspenseful horror thrillers seem to be the preferred outcome of the genre, Universal’s new upcoming release[…]

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Sineater | Short Film Trailer


Sineater is a dark tale about a young successful businessman who returns home to visit his Mother but who awaits him is a dark mysterious driver claiming to be a family friend.

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