Lost Face || Featured Short Film

Lost Face

​Adapted from the Jack London story: A fur thief must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him at the hands of the native tribe he had helped enslave. Lost Face takes us in a time and place not often seen nor explores in short films, which[…]

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Now Available on iTunes We follow Kurt, an expert car-thief, whose life is suddenly complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition. Kurt works for Larry, a father figure who runs a chop shop disguised as a garage, but Kurt’s career is threatened by Joe, a lowly mechanic and aspiring car[…]

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Birthday Boy

A young man (Brendan Meyer), steals a car but is unprepared for what he finds in the backseat. Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée brings short film Birthday Boy to Festivals In 2016. In addition to directing the HBO limited series Big Little Lies, staring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman,[…]

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The Beginning | Daily Short Picks

The Journal Thief

A misguided director seeking real, authentic stories meets a young woman who uses her dark truth to manipulate his feelings towards her. This is an experimental film, a combination of short, documentary style videos and writing, much like a series of journal entries. Due to the nature of the layout,[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Ennui


Ennui follows three teenage misfits who break into the typical American colonial in order to play a deranged game of House. facebook.com/ennuithemovie

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Intrusion | Featured Short Film


A first person/found footage suspense, delving into the happenings of a home invasion. Before watching make sure to go check all your locks first. ‘Intrusion’ is simple, cheap and has almost no cinematic aesthetic, but it certainly holds all the elements to create epically realistic suspense flick – where the[…]

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The Wife, the Thief, & the Demon. CahootsTheFilm.com JordanChesney.com

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The Straight and Narrow | Featured Short Film

The Straight And Narrow

Emily struggles with important life choice’s concerning money, hope, trust and fear. ‘Straight and Narrow’ is a one part love story, one part spy thriller that is wonderfully brought together through its emotional aspects. The two completely different takes on the film create a unique sensation that flows between a[…]

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The Valley of the Shadow

A man takes part in a robbery after police chase, he is accused of killing a policeman. Hides in an abandoned factory to try to kill himself. Inside the factory has an encounter that will change your life story. facebook.com/ovaledassombras

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