A first person/found footage suspense, delving into the happenings of a home invasion.

Before watching make sure to go check all your locks first. ‘Intrusion’ is simple, cheap and has almost no cinematic aesthetic, but it certainly holds all the elements to create epically realistic suspense flick – where the lack of aesthetics plays a huge role. In fact, The film was made on an eleven dollars-fifty budget – the postage and handling of a friend’s SD Card, with a crew consisting of Jack Michel and three other actors.

Intrusion came to me at a time when my interest in horror had peaked quite rapidly. I had developed an interest in what was at the base or core of fear, and even more so, of what scared me! Because I had been watching and studying so much horror in my spare time, I had found myself no longer effected by what I was watching, and decided that a new medium was required for inspiration. I looked to the first person gamer “Dead Space”… It scared the hell out of me. That night, I literally dreamt “Intrusion”, which explains why the film also has somewhat of a dreamlike quality about I, because it actually was one! -along with the influence of the first person gamer, which, looking back at it, is quiet clear throughout.

Light on script, the film pulls all its energy from darkness and lots of unknown. Placing the viewer in the first person seat, in a terrifying situation – and what can be more terrifying than not knowing what you are facing in the dark?

“Intrusion” is an exploration in fear – but also a glimpse at perspective, at what we ourselves are or could be capable of. And primarily, I just wanted to see if I could do it – that is, make something that could possibly trigger that response in both myself and others in a short amount of time.