Evolutionary // Short Film Trailer


The first contact brought a peaceful treaty, but over time we discovered them to be a ruthless and violent race. ….They had no name given to them by god…..we called them…….hunters.

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Cable: Chronicles of Hope || Daily Short Picks

Cable: Chronicles of Hope – X-Men Fan Film

In a dystopian future, a race of mutants have almost been wiped out. Their fate lies with a young girl named Hope and her protector Cable, and they battle forces that want to end the mutant race for good!

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Hala || Featured Short Film


A Muslim American teenager struggles to reconcile desire with family obligations. Striking the chords of taboo storytelling, ‘Hala’ is an inspiring story about a sixteen-year old Muslim teenager with a rich and complex inner world, which serves as an escape from her socially conservative home. When she meets Jesse, a[…]

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Missio – Can I Exist

Separated during childhood due to the color of their skin, two friends are reunited years later during the Baltimore City race riots of 1968.

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Los Angeles 1991 | Featured Short Film

Los Angeles 1991

Los Angeles, 1991. The streets are a hotbed of racial tension, ready to burst at any moment … We all remember the tension that surrounded the LA region back in the early 90s. Particularly fascinated by the events, filmmaker Miguel Olaso decided to plunge into the idea of creating a[…]

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The Pride of Strathmoor | Featured Short Film

The Pride of Strathmoor

​Extracts from the journal of Pastor John Deitman, Strathmoor, Georgia. June & July, 1927 The Pride of Strathmoor seems like something straight out of nightmares. Or in this case, straight out of a journal. A journal-like narrative that creator Einar Baldvin has been painfully putting together since he watched Scorsese’s[…]

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Upon The Mountain | Daily Short Picks

Upon The Mountain

Chad Evans, a musician, races against time in order to provide medical funds for for his ill father. mrpresents.net instagram.com/matthewprojas

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Rhett and Deacon, white teenagers growing up in rural Arkansas, have blood on their hands after committing a racially motivated murder. In the hours afterward, Rhett struggles to reconcile his guilt with his racial beliefs, while drawn to the affections of a local waitress. facebook.com/DixieShortFilm Instagram.com/auplekar Twitter.com/younguplekar auplekar.com/Dixie

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Siren | Featured Short Film


Two ambulance paramedics put their lives on the line when a routine call becomes a deadly race against time. Being thrown in a chaotic scene with barely any back story seems to be a very popular facet for filmmakers, and the reasons can be quite simply: budget and time. But[…]

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Halloween Meets Gasoline - The 24 Hours Of LeMons

Halloween Meets Gasoline – The 24 Hours Of LeMons

A subculture of car culture where $500 junkyard cars are resurrected for a shot at racing glory. The 24 Hours Of LeMons is everything a gentleman’s race isn’t – a spectacle of costumes and themed cars where the worst crapcan could become a champion. marcusubungen.com instagram.com/yourpalmarcus misterubungen.tumblr.com

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