Honor Student || Featured Short Film

Honor Student

A middle aged woman with nothing left to give meanders through her day just like any other, or so she thought. Honor Student is the type of film that needs little description, but introduces lots of talk – despite its lack of talk in the script. The story follows a[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Audrey


“Audrey” is an adaptation of a Chuck Palahniuk short story. It’s a hyper-stylized look into the way we fantasize about and pass judgement on strangers based on the briefest of physical clues.

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Subsurface Flow | Daily Short Picks

Subsurface Flow

Subsurface Flow tells the dream-like story of a young couple’s journey into the heart of the desert to confront the physical and psychological pains of their past. facebook.com/carlbirdmclaughlin twitter.com/carlbirdmac instagram.com/carlbird_

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