They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music || Short Trailer

They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music

Aleksander, an old gentleman, maintains a blooming garden surrounding his old house in a sleepy resort town. Karl, his grandson, spends the summer with him and learns about the ways of the nature. Together with autumn rains arrives Aleksander’s daughter Marju, who hopes to inherit the old man’s house, tear[…]

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Waiting For You || Daily Short Picks

Waiting For You

After a stroke, that has left him without the use of his speech, an old man fines himself alone waiting for the return of his daughter who left a year earlier. When she returns he learns that life is about living, dying and the grey space between the two.

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Killing Eric || Daily Short Picks

Killing Eric

Two business execs struggle with their family life when their 9 year old son critically wounds the monster under his bed. Julie returns home from a business trip to find utter chaos. Her day drinking workaholic husband has turned their living room into an office, a strange old man is[…]

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One Last Dance | Short Trailer

One Last Dance

“One Last Dance” is the story of three generations of men, of lost love and the intimacy of a dance. A reluctant visit to his grandson’s dance group gives an old man an unexpected chance to reconnect with his past and reignite his passion for life. The film is deliberately[…]

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Celluloid Dreams || Daily Short Picks

Celluloid Dreams

Oscar® qualified and award winning short film, CELLULOID DREAMS tells the story of an old man who fixes a busted projector to relive home movies of the past, and starts to believe he can change them.

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Short Trailer | Antenna


11-year-old Kai has radio-contact to an alien or is it only a lonely old man?

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Lost Property

An old man works in a Lost property Office. Every day an old lady comes into the office presenting an item she’s lost and everyday he tries to help her find it. With each day that passes, expectations falter, hopes fade and the feeling of loss grows stronger. After searching[…]

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The Factory

A micro-short film… A glimpse into a world crushed by the false promises of industry… In a wasteland once prosperous, an old man ruminates about a factory’s hold on the world, and possibly himself.

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A lonely, old man comes across his fathers radio which resurfaces a cherished memory from his youth.

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