Acting In Short: Julian Casey - Modern Artist

Acting in Short: Julian Casey

You might remember Julian in ‘Death by Chocolate‘ by Dimitri Gochgarian, featured on Film Shortage back in 2015. Part of a new series called Modern Artists by Dimitri, episode 2 focuses on actor Julian Casey who tells us about the art of acting. Modern Artists – Episode 2: Julian Casey[…]

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Carloman - Fool || Daily Short Picks

Carloman – Fool

Carloman is a two-person music project in which Dominic Matar and Elliot Thompson, based in New York/Los Angeles, summon the forgotten souls of times past in order to tell their trivial stories to a modern audience with little-to-no attention span. The music video for Carloman’s new single “Fool” is directed[…]

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For all those online-daters who have horror stories, “CRSHN ON U” is a stylish EDM nightmare date, glimpsing into the anonymity of online-dating and perils of modern-day courtship. Set in a surreal-noir world, C.O.U is a genre blender of horror, fashion and fantasy, wrapped up in a VFX-packed music video.

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In The Wake of Sirens | Daily Short Picks

In The Wake of Sirens

A modern interpretation of William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ set within the confines of a locked car.

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A Dealer's Tale | Daily Short Picks

The Dealer’s Tale

A modern retelling of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tale, The Pardoner’s Tale. The Dealer’s Tale follows two hit men in the search of death and a mysterious boy who helps them find Him.

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Daily Short Picks | Last Exit

Last Exit

A modern neo-noir thriller about the dangerous exit from a life of crime.

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A Gentleman Always

A son toils with meaning of manhood in this modern adaptation of Faulkner’s The Reivers

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Read our exclusive Q&A with score composer Anamog Set against the space-race canvas of the 1960’s, Anomaly is inspired by the traditional Christmas Nativity and explores, through a modern-day lens, the events of two-thousand years ago. It is a story about relationships that intertwine around an unprecedented astronomical event, as[…]

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Fright Night | Drudge


Drudge is the opening scene to a feature film. The nine-minute short film tells the story of Mia, who’s romantic night at home turns into a terror filled night with Drudge, the new face of horror. The villain, Drudge is a modern take on the classic slasher villain which traditionally[…]

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Blue Borsalino | Crowdfunding We Dig

Blue Borsalino

A private detective fails to prevent an attack on a young woman. Years later, she wakes from a coma. It’s time to tell the truth… BLUE BORSALINO is a neo-noir detective film set in the present day with flashbacks to the 1960s, written and directed by Mark Lobatto. It’s a[…]

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