While moving into a new apartment, a young woman must contend with the unwanted advances of a neighbour

Director Dane McCusker certainly knows how to thread right through that blurry line of complex social relations. His previous film ‘Angelfish‘ covered sexual assault, or at least examining the very patriarchal assumptions and feelings entitlement underneath the surface that allows sexual assault to happen. A taut social drama, ‘The Complex’ is an exploration of the patriarchal bear-trap that is modern gender relations. With a young woman contending with the unwanted advances of a neighbour in her new apartment. Is he pushing his limits? Or is she thinking into it too much?

This is a very personal film that I made from the ground up with my partner, award-winning Producer/Actor Jessica Murphy, based on our experiences. It touches on some very significant and topical issues surrounding the difficulties women face in expressing feelings of discomfort, especially in social spheres.

Dane fascinatingly brushes through the subtleties, where every action can be dissected and discussed (just read the discussions on Vimeo). The story balances on Charlotte’s uncertainties, which are brilliantly performed by Jessica Murphy. Her internal struggle ultimately depicts a situation she undoubtedly cannot win.