Windows Peak // Short Film Trailer

Widows Peak

Widows Peak is a movie set to take place in modern-day Brooklyn highlighting the unconventional dangers of living in a major city, regardless of gender.

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Ceramic Tango || Featured Short Film

Ceramic Tango

A modern day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life. Ceramic Tango will give you a deep sense of what rock bottom can feel like. The dark tale depicts a young man’s struggle with a deadly virus, in the most particular ways. As[…]

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Assassin's Creed : Treatery

Assassin’s Creed: Traición/Treatery

Peruvian fan film inspired by Ubisoft videogame saga. “Traición” (or treachery) Takes place in Modern day Peru, Where a young rookie assassin is sent on her very first mission…to kill a fellow member of the brotherhood.

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