Larry Gone Demon | Halloween Week Daily Short Picks

Larry Gone Demon

A frenetic, punk-rock nightmare centering on one asshole of a roommate. When three twenty-somethings must deal with the incorrigible and incredibly demonic Larry, they risk life and limb in an attempt to save the soul of their once-kind-and-unassuming friend while also procuring his five-hundred dollars in back rent. Black metal,[…]

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Deil Makes Work || Featured Short Film

Devil Makes Work

A visually dark and sinister short film illustrating the devil’s twisted view of humanity, our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success. Guy Soulsby has captured our attention last year with the ‘Devil Makes Work’ trailer, which has just last week named[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Big Demon Promise

Big Demon Promise

Big Demon Promise is a comedy/horror film about a hometown farm boy named Walt who believes his father is possessed. In his desperation, Walt hires Jeff- a redneck demon hunter- who teaches Walt everything he needs to know about hunting demons!

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The Wife, the Thief, & the Demon.

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Withdrawn from the sentient world, a disturbed woman’s fiendish subconscious presents her with a choice to accept or refute the truth surrounding the brutal murder of her fiancé years prior. ULLA is a haunting tale of inner demons, paranoia and repression.

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Father & Son – Trailer

William and Jake, a father and son exorcist team make their way through a desolate city in order to free a young girl from demonic possession. As the night unfolds, Jake grows increasingly frustrated with his father’s methods and confronts him, breaking their special bond and threatening the ‘business.’ See[…]

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Sometimes We Talk

A character-driven meditation on the subject of creativity and self-destruction. A writer struggles with his demons in an attempt to ask the right questions about the creative process.

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Prebirth: The Eternal War

Before Jaclyn was born, the Devil sent an army of demons to take her life. Now, her guardian angel Matthias must guide her to a portal that will bring her soul to Earth. Witness the epic spiritual battle in Prebirth: The Eternal War.

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The Last Time I Saw Richard | Daily Short Picks

The Last Time I Saw Richard

In 1995, two boys sharing a room in a mental health clinic become locked in a battle of wills that turns sinister when night falls and their demons descend.

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Forgotten Land

Aymeric has lived in Australia for a couple of years. He now has to go home in France and deal with his inner demons. That journey changed him forever and he doesn’t really fit anymore…

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