2BR02B: To Be or Naught to Be // Daily Short Picks

2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be

“2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be” is a short film inspired in the classic Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction tale. This award winning film set in a dystopian future where population is strictly controlled tells the story of a father who waits for his children to be born. In a[…]

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Twentysomething // Featured Short Film


Sam’s day spirals out of control in a series of confrontations with her boss, family, friends and boyfriend – who bombard her with questions about her future that she’s not prepared to answer. There’s something majestic, celestial, and also totally normal about Avital Siegel’s depiction of a 22 year old’s[…]

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Rule of One || Daily Short Picks

Rule of One

in a future Britain where every family is restricted to one child, a rebellious teenager must learn to work with his father to keep a baby hidden from two agents dealing with population control.

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Sleep Depraved || Daily Short Picks

Sleep Depraved

Dario has been awake for 127 days. There is a presence in his house that haunts him: his baby boy. As his problems at work and in every other part of his life seem to grow and get out of control, his grasp on what’s real seems to fade, hallucinations[…]

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Surrender | Daily Short Picks


An alcoholic struggles to get through the day in a surreal and frightening world where his inner demons appear real. Haunted by his worst fears, his sanity starts to slip, as does what little control he has left over his addiction. Surrender is an attempt to immerse the viewer in[…]

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Steak Knife | Featured Short Film

Steak Knife

The Date with the Unexpected – A darkly wicked suspense-thriller, with a twisted smile… George gets a dinner date with the unexpected in this twisted dark thriller, Steak Knife. Written and directed by Ben Gutteridge, we are placed on the uncomfortable edge when George’s date with Julia is dominated by[…]

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Vazio | Short Film Trailer


The night falls and a man decides to control his fate. Is the emptiness the only answer? facebook.com/preencheovazio instagram.com/vazio_short_film

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Zoe suddenly vanishes off the grid and out of her fiancée Marie’s life, leaving behind one cryptic message via post-it note. Marie searches for answers across social media channels and soon becomes obsessed with discovering the real meaning behind every tweet, email, text, and online profile that is associated with[…]

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Strings | Featured Short Film


A girl is so dangerous she is kept in a state of constant sedation by a cold blooded kidnapper. Shit gets real when someone attempts to rescue her and we get a glimpse of why her free will is of such importance. Like many other short films, Strings is a[…]

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The pacing trailer for upcoming short film ‘Shadows’ has been released last week by Camelot Films, and we had the chance to have a little chat with the Director Luke Armstrong and Producer Johnny Sachon to tell us a little bit more about the film. Tell us a little more[…]

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