Christina uses the immense noise from her collection of old CRT televisions to block out the voices in her head; until one day she has a power-cut which plunges her into the silence she’s always feared, where the voices have control.

Director’s Statement

I made this film to explore and process my struggles with anxiety over the past couple of years. I had developed a fear of silence myself and when I was left without distraction my worst thoughts came to the fore. I wrote the film in silence and since collaborating with my incredible team to bring it to life I am in a much better place. Not cured but fighting.

Everything you see in the film was achieved completely practically. There was no screen replacement, no noise reduction, no tweaks. We felt that it was incredibly important to really place Ocean (Christina) in the space so she could truly be lost in the moment. And also important to allow for an audience to get lost there with her.