Redeem: The Beginning || Featured Short Film

Redeem: The Beginning

In a weak and ruling society, not far from today’s world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered. Redeem is an inspirational proof of concept film that thrives on ambition. For Swedish director Dennis Peterson, his inspirations came from seeing people[…]

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Lost Boy || Featured Short Film

Lost Boy

Year unknown. Population Zero. Welcome to LOST BOY. After delivering a euphoric science fiction masterpiece in 2015 with Sundays – winner of our Top Short of the Year – PostPanic Pictures brilliantly followed up on their own footsteps and blessing us with another punk sci-fi marvel: Lost Boy. Directed by[…]

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Mise-En-Abyme || Featured Short Film


A young, aspiring actor gets a callback for an upcoming feature film but in his determination to impress he fails to see how easily ambition can fall prey to manipulation. A film built on emotions and uneasy tensions, showcasing the nerves that takeover actors while waiting for auditions. But this[…]

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The Bathtub Clown | Daily Short Picks

The Bathtub Clown

A clown going through an identity crisis washes his dreams away in a bathtub of ridiculous thoughts. This cinematic short film is set in just 1 location and explores the idea that everyone – no matter who they are – has got ambitions which haven’t come true. So what the[…]

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An ambitious roboticist strives to create a lifelike artificial intelligence.

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Patrick is your average, everyday father and husband. He lives in a lovely suburban home with his wife and beautiful daughter, but unfortunately for him, that’s the problem. He feels his life is slowly slipping from underneath him as his dreams and ambitions have not been met, and the desire[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Ambition


Tomek Bagiński’s AMBITION, starring Aidan Gillen (GAME OF THRONES) and Aisling Franciosi (THE FALL), plays a key part in supporting the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Rosetta mission. The short film tells the story of one of the most important space exploration endeavours of this decade. Just as Gillen’s enigmatic Master[…]

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Jane finds a unique way to deal with the grip of domestic Male oppression… twitter/tuffyak

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The Final Day

Lives of four young men, a racer and three amateur mobsters, clash with unexpected consequences on the day of the big racing event. During the final race, one of the participants leaves his broken down car in the desert, trying to win by any means. According to the regulations, he[…]

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I Am Will

A short documentary about William Schmid who was born with only one arm. Will talks about his struggle to overcome people’s low expectations through his soccer playing and the discovery of his self-worth outside of others.

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