This Was Our Song

Meet Marty. He’s a world-class ballroom dancer at 78 years old and an former Korean War Veteran. He also has recently loss his wife to cancer and now he struggles every day to pursue his love of dance. With little left to expect he sets off to pursue a life[…]

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Sheng Qi | Films de chez nous

Sheng Qi

Breath of Life Sheng Qi offers a moving vision and an intimate actual experience of effort in a sports competition. The Olympics are a high-profile event which aims to celebrate the body in motion. While all eyes of the world are turned on the athletes and their exploits, the look[…]

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The Hands of Hollywood

The true story of the meteoric rise and fall of Steve Hershon, Hollywood’s go to hand insert model.

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The Ox

I’m off to San Francisco this weekend and thought it would be a good time to feature this wonderful doc! THE OX is a portrait of master woodworker Eric Hollenbeck.

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Wij Jagen (We Hunt)

We Hunt is a short documentary about hunting in the Netherlands. The whole documentary is shot in slowmotion and tells the story of Bjorn and his group of hunters. Using a RED one and a Phantom v710 camera to shoot the film. There is quite a fiery discussion about hunting[…]

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That’s Wicked!

This playful documentary short opens with the dictionary definition of its title: “Wicked (adj.) – A slang that means ‘very,’ ‘really’ or ‘great.’ Used in sentences like ‘That girl is wicked hot,’ ‘That pizza’s wicked awesome,’ or ‘This documentary film about beatbox is wicked cool.’” Over the course of this[…]

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Dark Junk & Light

A documentary made in five days for the International Documentary Challenge 2013 by Lockerpartners, Emily Swank and Mary Grace, and in collaboration with itchy-O. It recently premiered at Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada. A throbbing 32-piece band of masked chaos invites you to dissolve the performer/audience divide and melt into[…]

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The Tennis Wall

A boy’s tribute to “The Tennis Wall.” There is absolutely everything to love about the honesty and simplicity of this short film. Not much to write about, but certainly enough to watch and enjoy!

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

Dance is Life

‘Dance is Life’ is a mini documentary, shot in a day in Havana. Andy, a young and talented dancer, opens up about what it means to be a Cuban dancer and takes us on an emotional and transfixing journey into his world.

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Beneath The Rubble - Featured Short Film

Beneath The Rubble

A collection of images from close to 3 weeks after an E5 tornado struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th, 2013.

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