From The Sky

Hakeem and his son Abbas live in poverty. They also live in a region frequently targeted by drone strikes.

Camp is set for the night; a pause in the middle of a journey to make a crucial sale. During their humble meal, Abbas struggles to manage his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aggravated by the presence of drones overhead. Soon, two men will visit the camp of Hakeem and Abbas, leading to a confrontation which forces the young man to make a choice between the way of peace modeled by his father, or the path of retaliation articulated by the charismatic man, Dhiya.

‘From the Sky’ is a narrative short film from first-time writer/director Ian Ebright, and producer Jess Grant. The film stars Maz Siam (Argo, The Mindy Project, Grey’s Anatomy), Mohamad Tamimi, Steven Soro, and Georges Chalhoub.