Calcutta Taxi

The heartfelt and politically stirring Calcutta Taxi was written, directed and produced by Indian born Canadian filmmaker Vikram Dasgupta. The Short Film is set in the grimy backdrop of the city of Calcutta undergoing a political crisis, unraveling the story of three lives that affect each other. Each one having lost and found things in a chance encounter of life. This moving and thought-provoking short film has to-date won 8 awards, including ‘Best Drama’ from the prestigious Aspen Short Film Festival.

‘Calcutta Taxi’ tells the story of a young Art College student Aditya Chaterji, who finds his backpack and belongings stolen on the day of a political strike called by an infamous political party in Calcutta. Meanwhile Bakul Bihari faces the opportunity of a lifetime to win big for his glorious, though covetous efforts to help a poor boy in distress. Cab driver Rasul Ahmed discovers a bomb in his backseat, at a congested traffic signal in an extremely unpredictable and sensitive slum area of Calcutta. The film unravels the lives of these three characters and shows how each impacts on one another.