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Business As Usual.

Submission is completely free, but requires your patience. It can take several days/weeks before viewing the submission, and although we try our best to watch every single short, we cannot guarantee it.

If selected, your trailer is placed in our queue line, which can take several months before being featured due to our numerous amount of submissions, combined with priorities given to the Premium picks.


Instant Feedback.

  • Premium discount for trailer submissions. Only $5!
  • Instant short review with critical feedback within a week from our team – even if not selected.
  • Selected trailers will be featured on Film Shortage within the next week.
  • Online Premiere Option. We work with you to select the best Online Premiere date for your trailer.
  • Be featured with an awesome cinemagraph cover and a cool InstaTrailer on our Instagram feed.*
*Films are not guaranteed to be selected, our selection process will be the same as usual.
*Cinemagraphs and InstaTrailers can only be created if your short film style permit us to do so.
*We cannot in any circumstances reimburse a payment, so we trust you are sure about your decision.

Submit and be a Champion!

Why select Premium?

The Premium Package allows the submitted film to be prioritized ahead of the free submissions, where they will be notified if the film has been selected or not, along with a feedback review. In addition, your film will be skipping the long queue line from the free submission, and can be featured within a 10-day timeframe.

We work very hard at keeping Film Shortage running, and even though watching films might sound easy, it is a very time-consuming process. The submission fees help us keep things running, and gives us an opportunity to keep investing to growing, benefiting your film as well.

Where Does The Money Go?

Film Shortage is a non-profit organization, created with a dedicated passion. Your donations will go to keeping the site running covering maintenance costs and providing a better service to our viewers. We will also be returning a portion of the donations in form of promotional investment for featured films (premium submissions only). Payments are made through secure PayPal.

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