Encore // Daily Short Picks


It’s the 1950’s in London’s premiere entertainment district, the west end. The vibe is high but London is only just getting back on its feet after the devastation of the World War 2 blitz. Frank, the Nightguard, diligently watches over the theatre in the small hours, burning the midnight oil[…]

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Run Free // Daily Short Picks

Run Free

Escaping his execution at the hands of Nazi Soldiers, a rebellious Dutch teenager writes a brutally honest love letter to the girl who changed his life. Directors Statement It’s a story that originated from my own grandfather whom, during his time in the war, traveled from Amsterdam to the rural[…]

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Aufseherin || Daily Short Picks


‘Hebe is a member of the Dutch resistance in the second world war. When she gets captured by the Nazis she pretends to be someone else, and they seem to fall for it. But how long will it take them to figure out she is not who she really is…[…]

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Our Father || Daily Short Picks

Our Father

The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole, a dramatic study of the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and the reality of war, and the emotional struggle that accompanies it. An odyssey of sorrow, friendship, innocence and adventure set against a canvas of war-torn[…]

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Remembering The Fallen | Daily Short Picks

Remembering The Fallen

A French veteran of world war II remembers a particular day of his life… An immersive and visceral cinematic experience capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of human’s spirit

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Hyena's Blood | Featured Short Film

Hyena’s Blood

A corrupted cop helps the new born DEA to burn down the amapola fields in México. Based on a true story in the 70’s directed by Nicolas Caicoya, Hyena’s Blood is a gritty action-packed short filled with drug-busting dark humor running through the genre’s stereotypical characters. The film looks at[…]

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Short Trailer | Clover


A mysterious drifter arrives to the small New England farm occupied by two young children in pre-World War 2 America.

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Figs For Italo | Short Film Trailer

Figs for Italo

Figs For Italo is about a brother and sister in WWII Italy, and how past events can change everything and ripple into the present.

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Our Father | Short Film Trailer

Our Father

A dramatic study on the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and the reality of war. A gritty and intense ride ensues that guides Cole, a private in the British army, and the men in his section through the war before the story reaches its emotional climax in the[…]

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An Italian private get shot in a leg on the frontline during the Second World War. Then the private is rescued by a Corporal who treats the injury and gives him a psychological help. Shot with a Canon 7D. lackofart.com facebook.com/lackofart

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