Good Bones // Daily Short Picks

Good Bones

Based on the viral poem by Maggie Smith that seized the mood, and social-media accounts, of so many people in the tumultuous year that was 2016, Good Bones directed by Anais La Rocca, is the fantastical story of a mother trying to navigate how to shield her daughter from the[…]

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I Know You From Somewhere // Featured Short Film

I Know You From Somewhere

A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after inadvertently becoming a viral sensation. In this savage social media era we all know how quickly things can spread virally. ‘I Know You From Somewhere’ follows Katherene, a young woman looking for love in the usual online spots. What begins[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | #feed


After a college girl goes missing, the news of her disappearance goes viral, her friends become famous on campus and the trending story gets out of hand fast.

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Unfortunately one of the best fan films ever made, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Bootleg Film by Joseph Kahn has been removed from Vimeo and YouTube due to copyright infringements issued by the Power Rangers copyright owner Saban. Wether right or wrong, we are quite saddened by this. Here are[…]

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Chillr | Featured Short Film


The only non-sex-based mobile app that instantly connects chill dudes with other chill dudes in their area. The first thing that went through our minds, and I am sure yours as well was: “How didn’t I think of this??”. And the we realized how fun this film/idea was. CHILLR is[…]

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6 Ingredients to create a successful short

6 Ingredients to Create a Successful Short

Creating a viral or even successful short film can seem like an insurmountable task for a young filmmaker, especially with the continuously growing amount of competition out there. This is why we have prepared a little short recipe with several key ingredients to keep in mind when preparing a film.[…]

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