Teeth and Pills // Daily Short Picks

Teeth and Pills

Randy, 8 years old, starts on a mission to lose as many teeth as possible after he finds a Barbie instead of a dollar under his pillow.Meanwhile, his mom is planning the party of a lifetime. As the party unfolds in a series of absurd events, Randy gets more and[…]

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Be a Buddy not a Bully // Short Film Trailer

Be A Buddy Not A Bully

Eliott has been bullying by the group of kids doing hip-hop dancing because of he’s the best ballet dancer. Anna shows her unconditional love to save Eliott by stop being bullied.

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A Mirror That Was Hidden // Daily Short Picks

A Mirror That Was Hidden

After being reminded of a deeply buried traumatic event from her past, a seemingly content woman in her thirties realizes the ingenuine nature of her existence, and questions if confronting her past is the only way to move forward with her life. Standing face-to-face with the truth, it becomes unclear[…]

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Howls // Daily Short Picks


A young girl goes towards a solitary cabin in the middle of the forest. As the days go by and the night approaches, she feels strangely attracted by the light, the atmosphere becomes dark and turbid, and a mysterious madness will trap her all night. Director’s Notes Howls has been[…]

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Buzz // Featured Short


A codependent woman’s life is disrupted when her servile best friend wants to move out of their isolated mountain home to be with a man. She hatches an unusual plan to ensure she will never be alone. Standard relationships take a bizarre twisted turn in this comedic short from the[…]

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The Boy Hero // Short Film Trailer

The Boy Hero

The Boy Hero, which follows the story of an elderly man named Frank. Frank, who is isolated and withdrawn, is a live-in patient undergoing treatments in a hospital cancer ward. His lonely existence is completely interrupted when 8-year-old Max is admitted for treatment. The unlikely pair forge a bond over[…]

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Lola: Girl got a Gun // Daily Short Picks

Lola: Girl Got a Gun

LOLA: GIRL GOT A GUN bares witness to a young and angelic girl who experiences the emotional weight of her mother’s abuse by her conservative NRA member father. The heaviness of the abuse permeates her home, and she searches for an outlet for her anger and fear. She feels that[…]

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One Way or Another // Daily Short Picks

One Way or Another

On a quiet night in a roadside bar, egos and alcohol ignite – sending two friends on a path toward a violent showdown that could forever change both of their lives. ‘One Way or Another’ is a short narrative drama based on true events. It’s about a night in the[…]

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Guardians of the Ghost // Daily Short Picks

Guardians of the Ghost

In November 2018 we set out to meet Gruppa Bars, an environmental task force assigned to protect the remaining snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan. Not knowing what to expect we joined the anti-poaching unit on their arduous journey through the mountains in order to find out what it is that motivates[…]

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