SHED // Daily Short Picks


SHED centers on Molly, an isolated woman struggling to find a deeper purpose in her life. Marriage and motherhood provide the mirage of the perfect Instagrammable life, but the emptiness Molly can’t escape leads her to an ending that will make or break her family. In our brave new world[…]

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Heart Strings || Daily Short Picks

Heart Strings

A struggling insomniac is forced to confront her troubled past when a small red string emerges from under her fingernail. As her oblivious boyfriend pulls it out of her, she finds herself unravelling… literally.

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Barrio || Daily Short Picks


Set in San Francisco’s iconic Mission District, BARRIO tells the story of Carlos–a young Latino man, struggling with the ever changing identity of his neighborhood.

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Brewing || Daily Short Picks


In the midst of renovating a Southern antebellum mansion, a young woman in a struggling relationship finds herself trapped by the past as reality unravels around her.

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Lina and Leo | Daily Short Picks

Lina and Leo

Lina and Leo is an offbeat dark comedy about a struggling middle-aged journalist hot on the trail of a recluse, surrealist artist for his next big story. But when he wakes up in the middle of nowhere, buried up to his shoulders with his chicken friend Lina tied to his[…]

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Four Eyes | Short Trailer

Four Eyes

A man struggling with his demons decides to hire a hit-man to do the job he can’t… kill himself.

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Yikes | Daily Short Picks


A struggling young actor begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future.

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On Top of Me

HE is a struggling actor. Struggling by choice. SHE lives on top of his head. That is to say the apartment right above him. They’re good friends. He loves her. She has no idea. Tonight, he’s going to tell her. This is our second short film. We funded it through[…]

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