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Amateurs // First Read Radio

Turning short films scripts into radio plays! First Read Radio is a beefed up table read professionally recorded with voice actors and sound designed by a team of top-notch audiophiles all while under the direction of an experienced storytelling team.

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What if the movie Fargo and Pineapple Express when on a date and accidentally got pregnant? Well, then you’d have today’s episode “Amateurs”. A story about two morons who end up in the middle of the desert to of course bury a body.


Written by: Matthew Bryan + Gary Jones
Directed by: Gary Jones
Sound Supervisor and Editor: Ryan Gottshall
Produced by: Awfully Good Media

Recorded at Spacewalk Sound


Narrator: Kerry Nash
Sean: Ryan Marsico
Chad: William Gabriel Grier
The Body: Dylan Werth

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The land of survival. Let your guard down for a moment, your blood will stain the sand a little darker.


A SHOVEL drives into the hardened ground, and pulls out a small chunk of earth inside an already dug foot-deep grave.


...And then, because these ants aren’t aware that the spore attaches to ‘em the thing turns ‘em into zombies.

The shovel slams into the dirt, barely takes another chunk out. The person doing the work

SEAN (30s) takes his work very seriously, looks older because he takes life too seriously. He can’t stand that he has to hear this non-sense from

CHAD (30s) overweight and lives by the mantra “work smarter, not harder” and smarter always means making someone else do the work.

Chad stands by his car, continues to blabber as he rolls a JOINT.


And that got me thinkin’. What if these spore things, what if they got into humans, you know?


Will you shut up already!? That can’t, won’t, and will never happen.


How do you know?


Because, it just can’t.

Chad stares, clearly lost.

Sean shakes his head, tosses the shovel aside.



The hell with this ground, we’ve been here two hours and I barely made a dent. How about you get your ass in here and see if you get any further.


I can’t jump down in there, I’m hypoglycemic, you know that. I can feel my blood sugar plummeting.


So what, you just going to sit there and watch?


I’m standing.

Sean glances into the back seat of the car, there sits a beaten and bloodied CORPSE.


What are we gonna about that then?

Chad rolls his eyes and stomps over to the car, pops the trunk, pulls out a CAN OF GASOLINE.


Work smarter, not harder.

Sean rolls his eyes, he’s heard that before.


This is a better idea anyway, burning the body ensures he won’t come back to eat raw flesh.

(to Sean)

Get him out of the car.

Sean heads to the car.


Never going to happen.


Don’t say never.

Sean opens the door, drags the body out. Corpse hits the ground with a THUD.

Sean begins to pull the body, but it doesn’t look as easy as they make it in the movies.

Sean looks to Chad, gives him the “help me asshole” eyes.




You’re really something.

Sean sighs, and begrudgingly gets to dragging on his own.

The Corpse is tossed into the barely dug grave. The Corpse’s face has seen better days; nose broken to shit, a black eye, and bruises. It’s not pretty.

Chad grabs the GAS CAN and pours it on the Corpse’s body. He tosses the can in with the body and holds out his hand.

Sean stares at the extended hand... Gives Chad a solid low- five slap.


No, you idiot, the matches.


I thought you had em. What were you going to light the joint with, genius?


I gave you one job--


And what about you, mister “back-up plan?”

Chad tries to keep his seething rage in check.


Maybe that guy has matches in his pockets?


The pockets that are soaked in gasoline?

Sean nods, forgot about that.


Let’s check the car.

They both amble over to the car, start their desperate search.

The look through the glove compartment, center console, etc. Chad takes the front, Sean checks the back.


So, you’re one hundred percent sure zombie’s can’t happen with that spore?


Chad, shut up and look.


I mean, it could happen some day...



Chad, for the absolute, last time: it can NEVER happen.

Corpse manages to stand up out of the grave. He nearly falls over.

Corpse stumbles over to Sean and Chad.


Stop the perseverating and find a lighter!


Sorry... Mr. College degree. I just think if can happen to dumb ants, why not to us.


Because our immune system has adaptive capabilities that prevents shit like that from happening, alright.

Sean pulls down the car visor and down falls a book of MATCHES.


Hey, look what I found--


Sean takes the shovel to the back of the head, he’s out, if not dead on impact.

Chad stumbles back, barely avoids the next swing. Eyes go wide at the bloodied body before him.

Chad Immune system my ass.

Chad gets up, sprints off.

Corpse chases after him -- it’s pathetic.

Chad’s too out of shape to stay far ahead, Corpse’s too woozy from the blood loss.

Chad makes one big loop, then heads straight back toward the car.

Corpse grips the shovel, ready to hurl it to stop Chad’s movement--

--Chad topples, falls face first into the dirt.

Corpse limps to Chad’s body. He uses what strength he had left to him over. Chad’s face is blue and unconscious.

Corpse hobbles to the car, he steps over Sean and the blood that pools around his head.

Corpse checks inside, eyes scanning...

Corpse finds the matches on the car seat. He moves to Chad’s body and starts to riffle through it.

Behind Corpse, Sean slowly stands, keeps as quiet as possible. Sean grabs the shovel and continues toward the Corpse. Blood dripping into his eyes.

Barely able to make out the Corpse, Sean raises the shovel and swings it with all his might. He misses and the flow sends him forward tripping over Chad’s body.

Sean hurries to collect himself as the Corpse goes for the shovel again, but before he can get back to his feet...


The Corpse stands over Sean’s body for a moment, then takes a few more whacks at it just incase.

The Corpse searches through Sean’s pockets and finds the car keys.

He jumps in the front seat of the car and turns the ignition. VROOM! It starts.

BING! The low fuel gage chimes on. He looks around for a beat and see’s the red GAS CAN out by the grave.

Exhausted, he sits for a moment. Whistling in and out of his broken nose.

The Corpse sighs and limps his way over. Picks it up and shakes it. Just enough.

He turns, strides past Chad’s corpse... He stops, goes back for the JOINT resting on the floor.

Corpse grabs the joint, admires the craftsmanship. He runs the joint under his nose, tries to breathe... A loud wheeze. This dude can’t smell shit.

Corpse shakes his head; fuck it. He reaches into his chest pocket, pulls out the MATCHES.

Corpse strikes the match, lights up the joint.

He takes a deep drag from the joint, the RED CHERRY GLOWS ON THE FRONT.


Fuckin’ amateurs.

Corpse ashes the joint. The ember falls, lands right on his pant leg--


--His pants go up in flames!

Corpse screams, tries to put out the flames, but they quickly reach his shirt.

Corpse runs, stumbles into the barely dug grave. He tries to roll it out, but the fire gets to him.

The fire burns inside the barely dug grave as the sun starts to set on the two bodies that stain the sands a little darker.


First Read Radio : Changes


First Read Radio : Changes

Turning short films scripts into radio plays! First Read Radio is a beefed up table read professionally recorded with voice actors and sound designed by a team of top-notch audiophiles all while under the direction of an experienced storytelling team.

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After Laura Neulip outs her bully she is cornered into lying about what really happened in order to save the reputation of the schools star athlete. In an effort to clear things up, the Neulip’s invite the family over for dinner, but find themselves in a messy situation. CHANGES is a spectacular, ambitious, and extremely satisfying short script written by Matthew Bryan and brought to life by Rhiannon Thomas, Stephanie Carpentieri, Gabriel Grier, Robinson Walsh, Julian Vlcan, and introducing Rayne Potter as the narrator.


Written by: Matthew Bryan
Directed by: Gary Jones
Produced by: Awfully Good Media


Narrator: Rayne Potter
Laura: Rhiannon Thomas
Alice: Stephani Carpentieri
David: Gabriel Grier
Tyler: Robinson Walsh
Ben: Julian Vlcan

Sound Supervisor and Editor: Ryan Gottshall

Recorded at Spacewalk Sound


Animal Assassins – Colorado 1864
Firework Festival – Game Changer ft. Robin Hawkin
Half Light – From Below
Joel Porter – St. Anthony



Written by Matthew Bryan



You know the home; modest, simple decor, probably looks just like your home.

LAURA NEULIP (13) at the cusp of womanhood in all it’s uncomfortable glory, sets the table with teen angst.


Mom, please, I don’t feel good...

ALICE NEULIP (40s) timid, but caring, kind of woman who makes sure everyone’s had their fill before her. She sets out some food.


I imagine that young boy didn’t feel too good either after you punched him, Laura.


He had it coming.

Laura winces, presses her hand against her stomach.


Please, can’t we do this another night?

DAVID NEULIP (50s), nerd since day one, but a sense of pride in what he is.


We have to nip this in the bud, Laura. Don’t want them pressing charges, brining unwanted attention.


I should be the one pressing charges!


Sweetie, please, no yelling; we’re not animals.


And what if they press charges?


Your dad always has a back-up plan.

The bell rings, showtime.


One meal and it’ll be over, okay?

Laura nods, whatever.

David strides to the front door, he prepares himself, forced smile and all. He opens the door to

TYLER FARAL (50s) toxic masculinity all the way, if you think you’re the alpha, he’ll make sure to challenge.

BEN FARAL (14) pretty boy MVP, he’s never been told “no.” SCRATCH MARKS along his face show that someone definitely told him no.


Hi, Mr. Faral, welcome!

Tyler sizes David up.


Hopefully dinner has more meat on the bones.



Ah, yes, well, my weight tends to fluctuate.

(to Ben)

And you must be Ben. I’m so sorry about--


Let’s eat first. I like talking on a full stomach.


Of course, right in there.

Tyler brushes past David, Ben follows close behind. They enter the dining room, all set and ready.

David goes to pull out Tyler and Ben’s chairs, but Tyler stops him; he can do it himself.

Ben sits across from Laura, but she refuses to make eye contact.

David takes a seat next to Alice.


Oh, no misses to join?


Not really into the whole marriage idea. I mean, we’re animals, animals aren’t made to be tied down.


Good to have packs, though, right?


If you need help, I guess.

Alice nods, this guy’s a piece of work.


Benjamin, pleasure to meet you. Seem to be healing well, barely noticeable.


Thanks. Older kids on the football team had fun with it. Lot of jokes.

Awkward silence.


I... I need to get some air.

Laura rises, quickly heads off.


Pain of becoming a woman, I’m afraid.


Hormones can really flip a switch, can’t they? Fun one minute, lashing out the next.

Alice and David know the implication.



Alice motions down the hall, Ben politely excuses himself.


Big kid for his age, lot of muscle.


Got him on the same program I had when I was his age. I hate to be blunt, but here’s the deal. Ben has a bright future; high school, college then pro. Things that hinder that progress: rumors.




Your daughter made some pretty outrageous claims.


Laura’s not really one to cry wolf, Mr. Faral.



Cry wolf? Hm, cute. It fits since your little wolf snapped at my boy. You know who has a worse bite? My lawyers.


Oh, that won’t be necessary. I’m sure we can reach some kind of agreement. No need for things to get ugly, right?


Clouds block most of the moonlight, can barely see Laura hunched over near the bushes, body wracked with pain.

BEN (O.S.)

You okay?

Laura spins, sees Ben by the back door, blocks her only way in.


I’m fine. What are you doing out here?


What kind of a guy wouldn’t check on a beautiful girl who’s not feeling well?


I didn’t ask for your help, or your attention.


I’ve seen the way you look at me, you didn’t need to ask.


Just leave me alo--

Laura winces, holds her stomach. Ben steps away from the door, heads her way.



I want a public apology from your daughter. I want her to admit that she made up the accusations that Ben tried to “rape her.”


Public? I think a letter to the coach or the school would suffice, yes?


Do as I say, or do what the lawyers say. Your choice.


Ben gets close to Laura, runs his hand along her back -- she knocks his arm away.


Why can’t you just do what I ask?

Ben steps back, eyes go wide.

Laura cocks her head in confusion, glances down at where he’s staring...


A FLASH from a camera, Laura looks up to see Ben put his phone away.


What the hell?!


Embarrassing, isn’t it? All of the older guys made fun of me for getting beat up by you, letting you get away. That won’t happen again.


(pained) Ben, please...


I don’t know what it is about you, but... You said “no” once, you’ll say “yes” whenever I ask or I’ll post this everywhere. Your choice.


David and Alice sit quietly, Alice smirks.


Our choice, eh? Doesn’t really feel like it.


I’m not in control of your feel--


Yes, feelings and hormones are hard to control, aren’t they?

Tyler grimaces, hates being interrupted.


Laura stares at Ben, his arrogance on full display, what’s she going to do?

The clouds pass across the night sky, reveal a FULL MOON.


It’s a tough time, for any child.

Laura winces in pain, rushes over to the bushes and spits out BLOOD AND SOME TEETH, her incisors and canines to be exact.


Their bodies change, things become hard to manage.

Laura runs her tongue along her teeth, they’ve been replaced by longer, sharper teeth, like a wolf.

Laura winces, more pain. She stumbles off into the dark, out of sight.

Ben steps forward, confused/angry.


You better not try to blame this on me, too, you hear me?

Nothing, silence.


You hear me, bitch?!

The silence continues...


And if these moments are handled properly...



Things can get messy.

Ben stumbles back, starts to cry out for help--



Tyler studies David and Alice... Smiles.


I like you two, you’ve got more bark than I thought. As for messy, ask my ex-wife how bad it went for her when my lawyer got involved, you’ll need her advice if your girl doesn’t apologize.


I’m sorry, but I just don’t see her giving that public apology.


Then you’ve given us no other choice. Eat, or be eaten in this world. Remember that.

David eyes Alice, an unfortunate turn of events. David glances behind Tyler, smiles like a proud father.


Ah, well, we’re in luck. It seems that the kids resolved the matter themselves.

Tyler goes to turn around-- THUD



Ben?! What the fuck?!

Tyler spins, can’t see down the dark hall, but he can see the WOLF-LIKE EYES.

Tyler jumps up, tries to run for the door--

--David POUNCES on Tyler, pins him to the ground as David’s eyes become wolf-like.



We gave you a chance, both of you. Seems like your boy didn’t learn the first time. We can’t have anyone digging into our business, we’re very private.

Alice rises, eyes Tyler.


“Eat, or be eaten.” Isn’t that right?

Alice smiles as her teeth elongate, eyes become wolf-like. She lunges at Tyler as he screams.


Laura, Alice and David wipe their hands. The room’s covered in blood.


(to Laura) Stomach all better?

Laura nods, yep. Alice smiles, reaches over, scratches her daughter behind her ear. Laura laughs, leans her head into mother’s hand.


What did I tell ya? One meal and it’d be all over.

David accidentally lets out a burp, blushes.


Some things never change.

They laugh, the epitome of a happy family as blood and chunks of flesh drip down the walls.


Options // Featured Short


Avery Ross, the CEO of a small chemical company, must confront a situation her father created when he was running the firm.

In the wake of several documentaries that highlight corporate or social corruption such as 'Fyre' and 'The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley', we are reminded that we live in a dishonest and fraudulent world. Michael Wooldridge's 'Options' highlights what can be hidden in so many giant corporations, when Avery Ross, the young CEO of a family-run chemical company, is extorted on the eve of the company’s IPO, she is faced with an impossible choice. The blackmailer's accusations threaten to shatter Dawson Chemicals' reputation for corporate responsibility that Avery's father Dean worked so hard to cultivate during his tenure running the company. Dean, and two representatives of the offering bank, come up with a scheme to swiftly 'eliminate' the issue. As Avery stands in her father’s old office, still littered with his memorabilia, she must overcome her shock at learning the true nature of the family business and decide whether to give in to her father’s bullying, go along with his plan and do the unthinkable, or defy him and forge her own path forward in opposition to his interests.

Options was my first short film, written over a year or so in 2014 & 2015. In late 2016 I came upon an opportunity to fund it, and began pre-production. It was my first time writing & directing anything, and it was a really stellar experience. Everyone involved gave 110% and came together to create it, and I think that reflects in the final product. We were extraordinarily lucky to get Caissie Levy (currently Elsa in Frozen on Broadway) as our lead. She was incredibly generous with her time and attention. The rest came together beautifully and I think the results speak for themselves.

The direct approach in 'Options' creates an excellent tension and captures a great focus on how easily big moral dilemmas can shift one side or another. Through his story, Michael is able to pinpoint the instance in which terrible and influential decisions are made. The film really makes us stop and think at how many times this has happened and still continues to in real life - the shear thoughts are terrifying.

Cat's Outta The Bag // Daily Short Picks

Cat's Outta the Bag

An innocent millennial finds herself in an unthinkable situation and the only thing that can fix it, of course, is her cell phone.

Director's Notes

We have been here before - one generation not understand the next. Technology has almost become its own generation forcing its way into ALL our lives – young, old, seasoned or naïve. But where we have not yet been, is within this generation observing that perhaps it doesn’t quite understand itself. A view into full convenience and 24hour access to communication overkill. The pros and cons of being too accessible.

Good news is that this millennial generation has a fantastic lightness and sense of humor. This Gen-X woman director fell in love with fresh young minds that tackle life with everything to offer and still find the time to step back and say – wait, WTF is going on with society?!

Social Media might perhaps be the new rock ‘n roll voice for this generation that has the power to unite globally. Although – I would REALLY love more rock ‘n roll on the airwaves – at least media content is showing it also has some balls.

“Cat’s Outta The Bag” allowed me to be a fly on the wall of a dating collective that – to be honest – still lusts for the same thing generations before them have – genuine connection. As we have all learned that through our passionate pursuits for love there must also be pain and loss; therefore, we know we are alive and, sadistically, in balance.

This dark comedy explores a community that pushes the boundaries of comfort and entitlement to its limits and simultaneously screams at the audience “ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!”.

I hope you enjoy the beats – find the laughter and lightness and then – pause and think – wait, is this real? Perhaps.

Lifeline // Daily Short Picks


A story about Beth, a mother who is forced to the limit for her son Ash, putting her morality to the test.

Lifeline asks how far we'd push ourselves for the people we love. The film shows that even in a brutally impossible situation, there will always be something deeply human in everybody, a connection between every one of us.

Sticky Situation / Short Film Trailer

Sticky Situation

In a city filled with corruption, a new evil is rising, and it keeps getting bigger. A new killer is on the loose and it's up to two experienced detectives to pull together and fight this colossal foe.

Chickens // Daily Short Picks

ALT Horror Presents: Chickens

Two racist cops try to deescalate the situation after killing an unarmed black teen.

Directors Statement

Here's a piece that's incredibly close to me. As an African American male in my teens I had a sharp fear of the police rooted from my surroundings. It's always been a question for me, why do those who govern think they're god? These questions of superiority and racism led to thoughts that created farce and satire.... Then came the creation of "Chickens", a short film about the horrors of police brutality.

The Visit || Daily Short Picks

The Visit

THE VISIT is a dark comedy that takes an upside down look at present day racial prejudices.

A generic bearded brown man, finds himself caught in a tricky situation where he is faced with the "looks like a terrorist" stereotype. And instead of fighting it, he decides to go along with it...leading to a comical yet dark turn of events.

The Blood in our Veins || Daily Short Picks

The Blood in Our Veins

When Daniel Royas decides to take his ill mother, Alejandra, to be seen at a local clinic on his birthday, little do they know the terrible news that lies ahead. After being told that Alejandra has been diagnosed with cancer, Daniel must confront the realities of the situation; how to cope with his mother's imminent death and protect his younger sister Sofia. At it's core La Sangre en Nuestras Venas takes an introspective look at the life of undocumented immigrants in New York City through the lens of this small family. Their struggles as well as their triumphs through love and unity.

Until Midnight || Short Film Trailer

Until Midnight

A businessman with a hidden agenda, a janitor, and a mystery woman get entangled in an unusual situation that must resolve itself before midnight in this introspective dark comedy.

Watch now on Amazon!

Sayuri's Desire (o desejo de Saiuri)

Homero is a lonely, middle-aged man who decides to meet Saiuri, an escort girl. He just wanted a night of pleasure and desire, but the situation went out of his control after an unexpected event.