Cat’s Outta the Bag

An innocent millennial finds herself in an unthinkable situation and the only thing that can fix it, of course, is her cell phone.

Director’s Notes

We have been here before – one generation not understand the next. Technology has almost become its own generation forcing its way into ALL our lives – young, old, seasoned or naïve. But where we have not yet been, is within this generation observing that perhaps it doesn’t quite understand itself. A view into full convenience and 24hour access to communication overkill. The pros and cons of being too accessible.

Good news is that this millennial generation has a fantastic lightness and sense of humor. This Gen-X woman director fell in love with fresh young minds that tackle life with everything to offer and still find the time to step back and say – wait, WTF is going on with society?!

Social Media might perhaps be the new rock ‘n roll voice for this generation that has the power to unite globally. Although – I would REALLY love more rock ‘n roll on the airwaves – at least media content is showing it also has some balls.

“Cat’s Outta The Bag” allowed me to be a fly on the wall of a dating collective that – to be honest – still lusts for the same thing generations before them have – genuine connection. As we have all learned that through our passionate pursuits for love there must also be pain and loss; therefore, we know we are alive and, sadistically, in balance.

This dark comedy explores a community that pushes the boundaries of comfort and entitlement to its limits and simultaneously screams at the audience “ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!”.

I hope you enjoy the beats – find the laughter and lightness and then – pause and think – wait, is this real? Perhaps.