Bodies of Water // Daily Short Picks

Bodies of Water

“Bodies of Water”.is a story of a young man isolated by profound shame and fear of absolute rejection. It’s about longing for acceptance and the possibility of love, and, ultimately, seizing the moment to reach out to another human being. Marsh is 24 years old, and he struggles with a[…]

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Split Lip // Crowdfunding Campaign

Split Lip

Tony is a quiet, orphaned boxer, whose spent his life trying to earn the love of his coach and uncle Michael. It’s only when his sexuality throws that love into question, that we start to see Tony’s darker, self-destructive nature take hold as he hopes to hang onto to the[…]

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Don't Forget to Go Home // Crowdfunding Pick

Don’t Forget To Go Home

Don’t Forget To Go Home is a short film about two sisters who run from their cousin’s wedding to go on a drug-fuelled bender looking for love in all the wrong places. Tackling themes of diaspora mental health, family, queer sexuality and first love, all set in the back alleys and[…]

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Feels Like Euphoria // Short Film Trailer

Feels Like Euphoria

Two ambitious women take their complicated relationship to the next level despite one’s patience and sexuality becoming in question written/directed by James M. Perry

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Sexorama || Daily Short Picks


An abstract film. Seriously. Blame your own repressed sexuality for anything else you might see.

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Siren Featured Short Film


A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in. Siren is a sexually explicit risqué look at women living and loving in modern Britain, exploring the overlooked subject of bisexuality.[…]

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Girl Night Stand

A young woman questions her sexuality after a one night stand with another woman.

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Conversations oscillate between family, politics and sexuality in a voyeuristic contemplation of life in prison.

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Beyond This Place

Beyond This Place explores the ideas of solitude, sexuality, and discovery. In a time where sexual orientation isn’t as simple as being born a certain way, but rather a regulated choice. The inability to make a choice consequently exiles young individuals to fend for themselves.

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An erotic thriller about a woman, trapped in a marriage with a man that has become a sort of “monster” that she has to “feed” sexually.

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