Jimbo // Featured Short


After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his anarchist father’s prison. It is time to hear Jimbo’s inner rebel yell Jimbo, sixteen, quiet, and shy, has spent his life cowering in the shadow of his controlling, anarchist, father El Tigron, and[…]

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Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City | Short Trailer

Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City

When an Imperial chase causes a collision with a Rebel ship in space, it forces the two ships to fall into Earth’s atmosphere, causing a massive chain of events in creating new allies to help their fight against the dark side.

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Shotgun | Featured Short Film


Three rebellious girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild and wicked ride. Remove your typical storyline goggles and let’s head back to the New Wave of cinema, somewhat. ‘Shotgun’ is a twistedly rebellious short film by Maverick Moore that mixes French New Wave pastiche with pulpy,[…]

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Born in Battle | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

Born In Battle

Born in Battle tells the story of Oneka, a former child soldier who has escaped the clutches of his rebel masters. In order to survive his past, he escapes into his own fantasy, a world far away from his nightmarish present.

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A bounty hunter is sent in to stop a rebel leader from hacking into the interstellar ship’s mainframe computers. facebook.com/MODXmovie mod-xmovie.com

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Exit Plan

EXIT PLAN is a short, character driven, sci-fi film about an exile called Adam. After machines became the sole workforce for the industry, The lower classes were deemed surplus to requirements and banished from the utopian cities and left to starve. The story focuses on Adam, a man trapped in[…]

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A famous musician, forced into hiding from a tyrannical government, appears for one final performance. facebook.com/EnvoiShortFilm storyboatmedia.com

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The Radical

“Revolution must start with the transformation of the individual” – Leon Trotsky A young rebel sparks revolution in the most unexpected of ways. twitter.com/jackpirie twitter.com/wearehalcyon wearehalcyon.co.uk

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Truant | Featured Short Film


Evan rides the bus all day instead of going to school. But one day he meets a girl who will give him a lesson he’ll never forget.

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