Next Stop // Daily Short Picks

Next Stop

A hungry train passenger unintentionally disrupts everyone’s commute. All walks of life are joined together in a gag filled series of stops and starts on route to their destination.

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Cabin Pressure // Daily Short Picks

Cabin Pressure

A safety and regulations obsessive is forced to revaluate things when a routine flight runs into difficulties. Director’s Statement Cabin Pressure is my first foray into stop motion and follows fussy and nervous passenger Graham Penge on board a routine flight as he is sat next to disruptive passenger Cynthia.[…]

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The Devil's Passenger // Daily Short Picks

The Devil’s Passenger

Lauren (Colleen Kelly) sees what she thinks is a kidnapping, but this soon leads her down a long road of terror.  Director’s Statement The Devil’s Passenger was a story idea that came to me while sitting in traffic. The project was shot over two nights in August 2018. We shot[…]

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The Passenger // Daily Short Picks

The Passenger

A taxi driver is shaken when a mysterious passenger is in dire need of an unusual favor.

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The Choice | Featured Short Film

The Choice

With a new lease on life, Jack sets off on a road trip to meet the mysterious woman who saved his life, but on the way there he meets a free-spirited hitchhiker who can forever change his course. ‘The Choice’ is a short film with structure and poise, running on[…]

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