With a new lease on life, Jack sets off on a road trip to meet the mysterious woman who saved his life, but on the way there he meets a free-spirited hitchhiker who can forever change his course.

‘The Choice’ is a short film with structure and poise, running on the thin line between reality and surreality. The setting is mysterious, but powerfully engaging just like its story. The story about Jack Reynolds, a loner with a new lease on life thanks to a miraculous recovery from terminal cancer. Jack embarks on a road trip to Texas to meet the mysterious woman whose daily online encouragement incited his turnaround. A woman with whom he has established a long distance relationship that he hopes will grow into more.

But on the way to Texas, Jack meets a free-spirited hitchhiker, but isn’t prepared for the adventure, the danger and the intimacy that his passenger will offer in return. Jack must make a decision: hold on to the beautiful drifter or follow through with his plan to meet the woman who saved him. A choice that carries the weight of life and death.

‘The Choice’ was developed in early 2012 by award-winning director Evan Kaufmann and award-winning screenwriter R. Scott Shields. At the time, the two were neighbors living in Hermosa Beach, CA. The crew added producers Katie Kaufmann and Nayip Ramos and began pre-production. Leif Gantvoort and Jolene Andersen were later cast as the leads and shooting began in late-September 2012 in Lancaster and Hollywood, California.

The film is delightfully peaceful despite its more radical moments, all pulled together with a marvelous cinematography by Cameron Schmucker. Both actors Leif and Jolene play a tremendous role in the film, making the story all the more enjoyable and magical.