Shear Madness // Daily Short Picks

Shear Madness

Two basic white girls, Talia and Polly, get glammed up for a night on the town. That is until these Millennial’s night turns into #ShearMadness!

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Blue Violet || Short Film Trailer

Blue Violet

A long way from home, a young woman contemplates her life choices as her friend gets ready for a night out. But life is not always so simple. Every decision chooses our path. What if you had a second chance?

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The Next Steps - Season 2 Episodes 5 to 9

The Next Season 2: New Episodes

The Next Steps are back with 5 brand new episodes! Ep.5: Girls’ Night Out Part I Ep.6: Girls’ Night Out Part II Ep.7: Girls’ Night Out Part III Ep.8: Shirtless Gym Convo Ep.9: Post-Coitus Catch the first four episodes of season 2. Watch the first full season on Film Shortage.[…]

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