One of Our Satellites // Daily Short Picks

One of Our Satellites

A burned-out caricature artist seeks to find meaning outside of her Earthly, mundane existence. Director’s Statement This film was co-written and co-directed by Desireé Moore and Joseph Boyle. From Desireé: How did we get here? The answer can be so big, and so small. But I am here, in this[…]

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Reverse Everything // Featured Short

Reverse Everything

An insular and poetic journey into the psyche of a young girl, searching for the meaning of her own existence; in a reality that can only be viewed from her perspective. An eerie silence backed by far away sirens seemingly inching closer, a soft gentle voice with a mysterious accent[…]

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Child's Play || Featured Short Film

Child’s Play

Nothing has value unless we grant it, and value does not mean anything unless we give it a meaning. Welcome to a visual ballet of money, greed and violence playing through your favourite childhood toys. Director Murat Kılıç just wanted us to see the world through his eyes, and this[…]

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Pa. | Featured Short Film


Many become very lost in terms of direction and motivation before they find, or realize, that which can bring meaning to their existence. ‘Pa.’ is an animated short created by Kapitolina Tcvetkova-Plotnikova that explores the concept of ‘homo scrutante’ – an idea that humans are always searching for their purpose.[…]

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